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Internet Predator Tracker, You can make a difference

What is IPT?

What is IPT?  IPT stands for Internet Predator/Pedophile Tracker.

This website is dedicated to providing the tools, training, and technology FREE to the public, investigators and Law Enforcement.  Why?  Well, for 7 years I worked at America Online as their Senior Investigator for Computer Crime.  And while at AOL, I worked many cases involving tracking down and prosecuting a pedophile or predator that a child met online.

While there, I worked with some incredible people in Law Enforcement.  However, I quickly learned that budget for tracking down pedophiles and predators online was little if none at all.  Once I left AOL, I started to develop my own tools for tracking down pedophiles and predators online.  And this is where I am finally providing those tools to the public, and again these tools are FREE!  What tools have I created?

Firefox Pedophile Reporter

Internet Explorer Pedophile Reporter

Outlook Pedophile Reporter

Thunderbird Pedophile Reporter

Internet Predator/Pedophile Tracker Software (Law Enforcement only)


I also provide training for FREE to the public, parents, investigators and Law Enforcement as well.  Some of the classes are:

Internet Tracking 101

GPS units

Cellphone Investigations

PC Investigations

Macintosh Investigations

How to secure browsers

and more!